Spray Foam and Fiberglass Insulation

HIP Proudly installs Knauf Fiberglass Insulation

Knauf Fiberglass Insulation is proud to produce fiberglass insulation with ECOSE technology.

ECOSE Technology is a revolutionary, more sustainable binder technology born from five years of intensive research and development. ECOSE Technology features rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than non renewable petroleum-based chemicals such as phenol, formaldehyde and acrylics commonly used in traditional fiber glass insulation products.

Hip chooses to spray Demilec foam products. Whether it is open cell foam for large floor areas and walls or closed cell for optimal R-value per inch, Demilec has the innovative products to get the job done.

Demilec is committed to using intelligent solutions and high-performing quality products to help solve global environmental challenges. This is evident in both the use of renewable and recycled content in their products, as well as their green recognitions and certifications by various organizations, such as the NAHB Research Center, LEED Certifications, and USDA Bio-Preferred, just to name a few.

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